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They came back

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The title of the book: They came back

Publishing House: Al Rasm B Alkalemat

the name of the author: Mohammad Sayed

Other works of the author: Let's run away - Room 77 - Vigilante - Village fortune teller

number of pages: 194

Release Date: 2019

About the book: I think that you knew during our last trip the reality of our world, but let me remind you that you may have forgotten.. When God mixes with truth, truth with imagination, and imagination with disease, then a result of a world of mystery appears to us, an unknown, miserable world that does not understand... and whenever you try to understand it, you cannot reach anything. .. In this world, facts are turned around and transformed.. You cannot be certain that good can prevail, so you can not think in this way here or in this world in particular.. Here, no voice is louder than the voice of evil here, so a world where you are part of its stories are the stories of the third world

About the author: Born in Aswan, studied at the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University, started writing through the social networking site Facebook, by publishing a number of short stories dealing with horror stories

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