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The title of the book: 30

Publishing House: modern arb

the name of the author: Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq

Other works of the author: In Rat Lane - The Legend of the House - as Icarus - a mind without a body

number of pages: 128

Release Date: 2015

About the book: When they asked me to present a special issue on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of the novels, I got very excited..The thirty-eighth adventure in Rifaat's life was (After Midnight). Adventure number thirty in the life of Abeer Abdel Rahman is (genius), and it is a painstaking attempt to explore the world of Dostoevsky. Adventure number thirty in the life of Alaa Abdel-Azem is (scraps). It tells about his experience with reading the collective conscience of an Israeli doctor..Do you see what the number thirty represents for each of them?

About the author:  An Egyptian doctor and writer, and is considered the first Arab writer in the field of horror literature and the most famous in the field of youth literature, fantasy and science fiction, and he is called the Godfather

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