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Vivid characters from songs

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The title of the book: Vivid characters from songs

Publishing House: Al-krma

the name of the author: Mohammed Al-Mansi Qandil

Other works of the author: Doctor Aryaf - Soul Breaking - Qamar Ali Samarkand - I fell in love

number of pages: 448

Release Date: 2014

About the book: In this interesting book, Muhammad al-Mansi Qandil presents to us selected characters from Abu Faraj al-Isfahani's famous encyclopedia "Al-Aghani". In these pages, the men of power retreat a little so that the poets advance... The knights lower their swords until the lovers whisper loudly... The clattering of swords stops until the rhythm of melody and singing continues... Tormented lovers living in the heat

About the author: An Egyptian novelist, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1975, but he was preoccupied with rewriting the heritage, so he retired from medicine and devoted himself to writing. He won the State Encouragement Award in 1988, and the State Appreciation Award in Literature in 2021. He has published several novels.

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