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"40 Forty", or the Forty Retreat, is a book about a life experience that Ahmed Al-Shugairi lived on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean from which he emerged with convictions and reflections about the human self and the relationship with others and with God Almighty. And between this and that there is a wide space for the writer's representations of the memory of the past and the scene of the present, and his questions about how the contemporary man himself escaped the dilemmas of life and then work to recommend it, elevate it and its name. Therefore, this book falls within the category of books for the development of the moral self and the development of the human personality, as the author presented a practical guide that the reader can follow. As the writer Al-Shugairi sees it, “God the Blessed and Almighty does not want perfection from us, but he wants us to constantly strive towards it.” Professor Ahmed Al-Shugairi says about his work: “In this book I summarize my journey through 40 years in this world. And trying to continually advance in search of inner peace. I do not claim that I have arrived. The journey is still long. But it is a human experience in which you may see yourself and benefit and benefit. I wrote this book during the forty-day retreat where people and technology retired and sat on a remote island with I myself try to reflect on what has passed and reflect on what is to come. I ended with forty thoughts in each of the axes below: 40 days with my life, 40 days with my Quran, 40 days with myself, 40 days with my improvements, 40 days with my stories, 40 days With my God, 40 days with my books, 40 days with the judgment of the people, 40 days with my memories, 40 days with my judgment. "

The author proceeds from this book to a charitable endowment. 
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  • Print length : 784 pages
  • Publisher : دار العربية للعلوم (July 14, 2019)
  • Language: : Arabic
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