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east palm

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The title of the book: east palm

Publishing House: Alshuruq

the name of the author: Bahaa Taher

Other works of the author: I am the king, I came - the engagement - in praise of the novel - said Duha - love in exile - a point of light

number of pages: 112

Release Date: 2008

About the book: Hajj Sadiq's children want to break us, as they always wanted to break us, and your uncle gives them the opportunity. They tried that with your grandfather before, they tried more than one method, they hired someone to burn his plants, but whoever paid him was afraid of your grandfather

About the author: An Egyptian author, storyteller, and translator, born in Giza. He was awarded the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2008 for his novel Sunset Oasis. He obtained a university degree from the Faculty of Arts, Department of History, in 1956 from Cairo University, and a postgraduate diploma in media, Radio and Television Division, in 1973.

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