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Sick to say

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The title of the book: Sick to say

Publishing House: Kyan

the name of the author:  Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik

Other works of the author: The destroyer of myths - obsessions and hallucinations - coffee with uranium - a mind without a body - mint tea

number of pages: 295

Release Date: 2010

About the book: I published these articles in separate places, although most of them were in Al-Dustour newspaper before her assassination, and on the (Buss and Tal) website on the Internet. You can find every letter I wrote on the Internet, but in the end I am the son and protégé of the book, and I do not believe that I wrote something unless Hold it printed on pretty paper.. you underline, fold a page, or pour a cup of tea

About the author: An Egyptian doctor and writer, and is considered the first Arab writer in the field of horror literature and the most famous in the field of youth literature, fantasy and science fiction, and he is called the Godfather

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