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Fakher aldian Killed

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The title of the book: Fakher aldian Killed

Publishing House: Al-Shrouk 

the name of the author: Izz al-Din Shukri Fashir

Other works of the author: Abu Omar Al-Masry - The Intensive Care Room - A Tale of Joy - All This Nonsense - The Travels of the Pharaohs

number of pages: 308

Release Date: 2019

About the book: “Fakhr El-Din” was behind the Coca-Cola Factory at exactly quarter to seven in the morning of the first Monday of October. There was silence between the prisons for a moment, then a bloody and explosive sound came out from every window, entrance and roof, successively, fast, flowing, continuous, penetrating and deadly. "Fakhr El-Din" fell once on the sidewalk in his red, hot, flowing blood

About the author: Egyptian writer. He published eight novels

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