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L'2ma Elfadi

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The title of the book: L'2ma Elfadi

Publishing House: Kyan

the name of the author: Tamer Ahmed

Other works of the author: Happened in Antica - Love Blow - Knock Your Head - Izbat Al Bilila - Shaab Below the Mint Line

number of pages: 148

Release Date: 2016

About the book: 

When will this book be useful..?

...when the wretched person receives the disappointment of hope

...when a monkey in its mother's eyes is an ordinary monkey

.... When we realize that we are a people who are straitened by nature

Freedom of expression is closed to all.... deterrent terms and conditions apply

About the author: Dentist and satirist
He participated in writing in the first satirical series in Egypt, which is the series (Majaneen).

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