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Third fourth - the anthology of the vine

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The title of the book: Third fourth - the anthology of the vine

Publishing House: Al Krma

the name of the author: Ali Al-Shobashi

Other works of the author: False Confessions - Catch the Wind Ahlam Badriya

number of pages:

Release Date: 2014

About the book: When the narrator finds in his office papers an old school picture from 1949 that gathers the students of his class and his teachers at the time, his memories bring him back to recall the biography and the path of each of them. The result is that Ali Al-Shobashi gave us one of the most beautiful and sweetest Arabic novels. Through a series of vibrant portraits, we not only get to know personalities of different backgrounds and temperaments whose fates intertwine at times and days separate them at other times, but we also experience the political, social and cultural changes that Egypt went through during the second half of the twentieth century.

About the author: Ali Al Shubashi was born into a family with a long tradition of culture. His father, the well-known writer Muhammad Mufid al-Shobashi. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, worked as a lawyer and as a journalist in the translation department of the Middle East News Agency, then traveled to France in 1972, where he worked for the French Press Agency for a quarter of a century, covering many international events. He was the director of the agency's office in Turkey for two years (1987-1989). Although he reached the top of the agency's career ladder, he preferred to return to Egypt upon his retirement. He translated many novels and plays from French into Arabic

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