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Ayam Mareya

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The title of the book: Ayam Mareya

Publishing House: Don

the name of the author: Mahmoud Al-Ghanem

Other works of the author: Headless - Second Row - Sega

number of pages: 163

Release Date: 2012

About the book: 

Maria is a German Christian woman who is living the period of the beginning of World War II, the period of Hitler's madness and the beginning of his invasion of the world and his monitoring of the Jews. Maria hates her fanatical German husband after the tragic accident that befell her. She survives and travels on many journeys until she reaches Egypt and learns how Muslims live, so her life begins again...

A novel that explores history, geography, Islam, the battles of the Arabs and Jews, the World War, the history of America and Hitler, despite its small size, it is a distinctive novel full of interesting details.


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