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In my heart is a female Hebrew

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The title of the book: In my heart is a female Hebrew

Publishing House: Kyan

the name of the author: Dr. Khawla Hamdi

Other works of the author: Jasmine's alienation - to stay - Jasmine's return - where is the escape - show me

number of pages: 385

Release Date: 2013

About the book: In the heart of the Jewish Quarter in the south of Tunisia, events intertwine around the orphan Muslim woman who was raised in the arms of a Jewish family, and in the folds of the ancient city of Qana in southern Lebanon, unexpected confusion enters into the life of Nada, who grew up on Judaism, far from her Muslim father. Exciting meetings and events follow around them to get both of them out of life

About the author: Tunisian writer and university professor of information technology at King Saud University in Riyadh

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