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Another land legend

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The title of the book: Another land legend

Publishing House:  Modern Arab Institution

the name of the author: Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik

Other works of the author: The legend of the belle of the cemetery - the legend of the strangers - the legend of the plant - the legend of the snowman - the legend of the blue flame - the legend of the house - the legend of the diviner

number of pages: 131

Release Date: 1999

About the book: It is a dream.. but you will live it.. as if it were a reality.. another land that is very similar to our land.. and very different from it.. (you) another one who looks a lot like you.. and differs a lot from you.. let him have your hand to lead you through the corridors of that wondrous world.. It's a dream.. but do we really wake up from it?

About the author: An Egyptian doctor and writer, and is considered the first Arab writer in the field of horror literature and the most famous in the field of youth literature, fantasy and science fiction, and he is called the Godfather

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