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Who fell from the sky

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The title of the book: Who fell from the sky

Publishing House: Nahdit Misr

the name of the author: Anis Mansour

Other works of the author: Spirits and ghosts - I like these - a stranger in a strange country - but I am contemplating

number of pages: 228

Release Date: 2019

About the book: This is the first book of its kind in the Arabic language. * And Anis Mansour, the author of this book, takes an exciting historical, astronomical and geographical journey and discusses issues for the first time in the Arabic language. * And Anis Mansour believes that this human civilization is not the only civilization that lived on earth. Before it, civilizations flourished and collapsed for reasons we do not know now.

About the author: Egyptian journalist, philosopher and writer. He became famous for his philosophical writing through his publications, in which he combined, in addition to the philosophical style, the modern literary style. Anis Mansour's literary beginning was with the Qur'an, as he memorized it at a young age in the village book, and in that book he had many stories, some of which he told in his book "They Lived in My Life."

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