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I was a boy in the seventies

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The title of the book: I was a boy in the seventies

Publishing House: Al-Krma

the name of the author: Mahmoud Abdel-Shakour

Other works of the author: You were a young man in the eighties - how do you watch a movie - and forget the books

number of pages: 382

Release Date: 2015 

About the book: Charleston and short dresses, Take care of Zozo, color television, Bruce Lee and karate, the death of Farid al-Atrash, Umm Kulthum and Abdel Halim, Mama Najwi, October War, Peace Treaty

About the author: An Egyptian film and literary critic, born in December 1965. He graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Department of Journalism in 1987. His first class was in the Journalism Department. He trained in “Al-Wafd” newspaper, and worked in the Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Anbaa” office. His articles were published in a large number of newspapers and magazines. Arabic and Egyptian, such as the Kuwaiti “Al-Qabas”, the Parisian “Youm Seven”, which was published at the end of the eighties, the daily “Rose Al-Youssef” newspaper, “Rose Al-Youssef” magazine, “Al-Tahrir” newspaper, “New Cinema” magazine, “Al-Hilal” magazine, Al-Youm Al-Jadeed newspaper, Eye on Cinema website, and Al-Kitaba website... He participated in the viewing committees of the Cairo Film Festival and the Ismailia Documentary Film Festival, and was a member of the Cinema Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, a member of the Journalists Syndicate, and a member of the Film Critics Association The Egyptians, and now holds the position of deputy editor-in-chief of "October" magazine.

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