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Black Battalion

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The title of the book: Black Battalion

Publishing House: Al-Shrouk

the name of the author: Mohammed Al-Mansi Qandil

Other works of the author: Doctor Aryaf - Soul Breaking - Qamar Ali Samarkand - I'm in Love - Live characters from the songs

number of pages: 473

Release Date: 2019

About the book: It is a novel about war, love, and human destiny. A battalion of black soldiers travels to a strange land, not knowing its language, its people, or the terrain of its land, and it must wage a relentless war against an unknown enemy, without hesitation or retreat, otherwise death will be their fate. They are part of a game whose extent they do not know, in which there are emperors, kings and queens, all of whom are driven by international powers 

About the author: An Egyptian journalist, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1975, but he was preoccupied with rewriting the heritage, so he retired from medicine and devoted himself to writing. He won the State Encouragement Award in 1988, and the State Appreciation Award in Literature in 2021. He has published several novels.

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