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She left me alone in the kitchen

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The title of the book: She left me alone in the kitchen

Publishing House: Al-Rasm Bl-Kalmat

the name of the author: Salma Sameh Shams Al-Din

Other works of the author: For the brokenhearted - Last night's mistakes in Istanbul - Last night's mistakes Stockholm

Release Date: 2016

About the book: And you left me alone in the kitchen.. Where did the idea for this book come from, I don't know! But I was in love with the wrong person and only food saved me. This is not a book about cooking, nor is it a novel, nor short stories, nor even poems, it carries a new classification .. a book about love, food, fractions, and other things!.

About the author: A 24-year-old Egyptian novelist, born in Cairo, graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Alexandria University, and started in the literary field.

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