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Book of Kalila and Dimna

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The most important and most famous books of Ibn al-Muqaffa at all
It is a group of stories that revolve around the tongues of animals that the philosopher Bedba tells of King Debashleem, through which Ibn al-Muqaffa broadcasts his political views on the correct approach to governance, and it is well known that Ibn al-Muqaffa translated these stories from Persian, and that they are of Indian origin, but many recent research confirms that Kalila wa Dimna was authored by Ibn al-Muqaffa 'and not just a translation, and some of these researches believe that the opinions that Ibn al-Muqaffa gave in Kalila wa Dimna were one of the direct causes of his painful end.
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  • Publication date : June 24, 2018
  • Print length : 169 pages
  • Language: : Arabic
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