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The title of the book: Rizk

Publishing House: Al-Rasm Bl-Kalmat

the name of the author:  Dina Imad

Other works of the author: Under One Roof - That's How I Picked Flowers - Not a Virgin - One Morning - Hearts Closed - Plateau - The Circle - Contagious

number of pages: 288

Release Date: 2016

About the book: There are secrets that we would like to reveal in order to throw them away from our chests.. but when they are revealed, they only increase our wounds.. In concealment there is suffocation, and in revealing there is slaughter.. Both of them are... deadly.

About the author: A Port Said writer, she started writing at the age of 7, writing social novels on her blog in the form of daily episodes. She worked for a while as a radio broadcaster. She also worked in preparing crossword puzzles for Al-Wafd and Al-Ahram newspapers. She published novels in print.


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