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The title of the book: Jerusalem

Publishing House: Kyan

the name of the author: Samah Galloway

Other works of the author: Jadayel Younes - Who Said We're Done - Black Bread

number of pages: 288

Release Date: 2016

About the book: The land that time does not erase its origin, the homeland that does not miss
Minds, even if the journey is long, the first origin, and the last destination
The strong, steadfast, steadfast, and steadfast, who saves everything inside her
It concerns all human beings, all feelings, ideas and divine religions
The whole naked truth. The origin, beginning and end of life
Man and his roots in the place, his spirit attached to his ancestors
.And if he thought he slipped
It is Jerusalem, the Jerusalem that deserves so much
Where was it and how did it become?

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