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The sad blue path

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The title of the book: The sad blue path

Publishing House: Al-Krma

the name of the author: Alaa Khaled

Other works of the author: I am writing to you from a far country - Beit Al-Harir - Good Night - Faces of Alexandria

number of pages: 184

Release Date: 2015

About the book: Moments until I realized the scene and what was happening around me, I had a shudder of gratitude, which made tears gather in both sides of my eyes...

About the author: Alaa Khaled was born in Alexandria in 1960 and initially went to study natural sciences. His literary career began in the eighties after studying biochemistry at Alexandria University. Based on the contradiction between the feeling of safety and the feeling of alienation within his culture, Alaa Khaled began publishing his criticism of his society, wishing to participate in the achievement of a new cultural homeland

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